Add the latest images from your Instagram feed, with direct links to boost your followers.


Instagram is a fantastic and hugely popular way to take and share photos with your mobile.

To maximise your store’s sales potential and increase the probability of sales, you can link up your Instagram feed directly with your store. This has the overall effect of strengthening your brand’s visual narrative and creates an enhanced “ecosystem” where followers of your feed are introduced to your shop, which leads to purchases and vice-versa.

Setting up your Instagram feed on your storefront is very simple with the Envy theme.

Linking your Instagram feed with your store

First off, make sure you are logged in to the Instagram account that you wish to link with your store. Keep in mind that this could be either a personal or business Instagram account.

Then visit this link and click “Generate Access Token”:


If you have generated your access token, and it is linked to the wrong Instagram account, you will need to log out of your Instagram, and into the new account, and visit the link above to generate a new access token.

Once the token has been generated, copy this and keep it in a safe place for use in a few minutes time.

Head over to your Shopify Admin area and follow these steps:

  1. Admin
  2. Online Store > Themes > Customise
  3. Sections
  4. Select the “Instagram” Section
  5. Under “Access Token”, copy and paste in the token you generated earlier
  6. Save all changes


To learn more about Sections, check out this Shopify help document.

You will now have your latest images from your Instagram feed!

There a variety of ways you can customise the layout of your Instagram feed to best suit your storefront and personal preference.

Instagram Section Title

To customise your Instagram Section’s title, select the Instagram Section in your Shopify admin and enter the text of your choice in the “Heading” field.

You can switch this on or off, using the checkbox underneath the text entry field.


This is for plain text only, meaning bold or italic text is unsupported.


If you have set your Instagram URL in the 'Social media' section of 'General settings', the title will automatically link there.

Add space between your Instagram images

Toggle the “Enable image padding” checkbox to add or remove whitespace between your feed’s images. Removing all spacing around your images, will make them appear as a single block.

Alter the width of your Instagram Section

Choose either “Fixed” or “Full Width” to condense your image feed to a within the grid layout or expand it to 100% width of the browser.

Fixed Width:

Full Width:

Vary the number of images displayed

You have two values to choose from.

“Rows” changes the number of horizontal strips that the images are displayed in.

“Images per row” varies how many images are shown in each of these strips.

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